Sunday, January 1, 2012

365 SnapShots...The Journey

I am a writer.And an actor.
And a costumer.
And an artist.
And...many things more, including...
A photographer.

All these things, casually, maybe. Some more heartfelt than others. But there is one thing to be sure...

For this year, on this blog, I have a purpose.

Photography. Picture. Whatever you want to call it.

One a day. If I fail, I try to catch up. How can it be a failure in the end if you learned so much about yourself, about your pictures, and made the effort?

Well it's not a failure than.

And it's certainly better than not starting because you're afraid to fail.

Will you join me on this journey to at least try?

Because here we go, into 2012, into the world of pictures, imagination...

And a borrowed camera.

~The Writer

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